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Braided Sewing Cord

Cafuné Braided Sewing Cord 6mm - Perfect for Sturdy Projects

With our super strong 6mm braided sewing cord with a core, you can elevate any sewing project. This cord is your secret weapon for projects that need that extra bit of sturdiness – think robust beach bags, cool laundry baskets, chic ladies' hats, and even cozy bread baskets. And yes, you can just throw it into your sewing machine, no problem. Just make sure to use a jeans needle.

What Makes Our Cord So Special?

  1. Mix and Match: Made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% tough synthetic fibers.
  2. Large and Strong: Each roll weighs a full kilo and stretches over 50 meters, so you can keep going.
  3. Just Right: That 6mm thickness? Perfect for shaping and supporting all your creations.
  4. Safe for Everyone: Yes, we have that OEKO-TEX® 100 certification. No harmful substances here.
  5. Easy to Maintain: Hand washable, so your masterpieces stay looking great.

So, ready to take your sewing adventures up a notch with Cafuné’s 6mm sewing cord? It’s time to make those projects not only beautiful but also super sturdy. Grab your roll now and start creating something amazing!

6mm Braided - With Core - 1 kg - 50 meters

Why Choose Cafuné Braided Sewing Cord?

  • Certified Safety: OEKO-TEX® 100 certification.
  • Sustainable Choice: Made from recycled materials.
  • Creative Flexibility: Ideal for various projects with stunning results.

Elevate your sewing projects with Cafuné’s premium braided sewing cord. Enjoy the ease of working with a product that is both high quality and environmentally friendly.


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