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Painting by number "Streetview"

by DecoDeb
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Welcome to the fun world of Painting by Number! Come on, Lets start!

Paint by numbers Painting set with 40x50 cotton canvas, brushes and paint set.

  • PAINTING BY NUMBERS and HOBBY SET is made with care in Turkey Contents: 100% cotton canvas stretched 40x50cm wooden frame
  • Acrylic paint set with all colors.
  • A high quality brush set with synthetic bristles
  • hanging equipment

NOTE: The canvas is stretched on a wooden frame. After you finish your painting you can hang it anywhere you want.

Descriptions:  With the Paint by numbers set, you can create beautiful paintings even if you have no knowledge of painting, When you use the template consisting of numbers on the canvas is painted in accordance with the color codes.

  • The canvas is printed with numbers, each number corresponds to a color.
  • You can create your own painting by following the color codes. You need to moisten your brush a little while painting.
  • Prevent the paint from drying out by keeping the lid closed. When you change colors, make sure to clean your brush by dipping it in some water.

You can hang the homemade painting on the wall of your home or office as a decoration. You can do this fun hobby with all family members. With this fun hobby set you will experience pleasant moments and bring your inner painter to light. With the paint by numbers set that turns people of all ages into painters, you can create beautiful paintings that adorn your walls or give this special and meaningful gift to your loved ones... treat yourself and your loved ones! A Christmas gift, Mother's Day gift, one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your loved one, loved ones or yourself, the paint by numbers set offers you a hobby experience you can't get enough of with its carefully designed content and quality materials.

Our paints do not contain substances that are harmful to health.

Our brushes are made of first-class synthetic bristles.