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Etrofil Rabbit Furry Yarn White

by Etrofil
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Etrofil Rabbit looks like a fur and has a very soft and furry structure. There are single color options as well as two color transition color options.
It is generally used for clothing, but can also be used for doll, amigurumi, carpet, pillow, bag or decoration.

Usage Area: Suitable for adults, children and babies. You can use it in many areas such as winter clothes, cardigans, sweaters, coats, hats, blankets, small baby rugs.

Blend: 100% Polyester
Length: 65 mt. / 71 yards
Weight: 100 gr. / 3.5 oz
Needle thickness: 9-10 mm / 14 ply
Thickness Group: Thick - Super Chunky/Super Bulky